What is The Simple View of Reading (SVR)

Notes from Shifting the Balance: 6 Ways to Bring the Science of Reading into the Balanced Literacy Classroom 

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Shift 1: Rethinking How Reading Comprehension Begins

Reading comprehension does not work without these two things.

Misunderstanding: If children have strong oral language, they have most of what they need to learn to read.

The Simple View of Reading, commonly referred to as SVR provides the framework for reading comprehension.

Word Reading x Listening Comprehension = Reading Comprehension

Word Reading = Decoding/Automatic word recognition

Listening Comprehension = Language comprehension

No amount of word recognition skill will compensate for the limitations of a child’s listening comprehension.

And if a child can’t figure out the print -or decode it- they won’t comprehend it. (You can’t comprehend what you can’t read)

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