teach english to kids

English to Kids

This is how you teach English to kids. Books! Well, It isn’t the only way to teach English. We believe that reading books is very important. Kids need lots of input to learn a new language. Reading fun books is a great way to help children learn English.

We agree with Steve! This is the best way to learn a new language.

How do you teach english to kids?

Reading gives children the input they need to learn English. Input is any material that goes into the brain. Output is the opposite, it is the material, written or spoken that comes out of the brain. 

Why is input so important? Because without any input you cannot produce output.

The more a child reads, the more input is going into his brain. This makes it easier to speak and write. 

Why is input with books so important? Because books are fun! 

It is easier to focus on something that is fun and interesting. When something is interesting, it is much easier to learn!

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