Grade: 2

Cover of the book 'Big Mac and Little Dipper: The Other Side' showing two dogs, Mac and Dipper, looking through a hole in a fence with curious expressions, with a garden in the background.

The other side

Big Mac and Little Dipper: The Other Side is an engaging tale for children aged 6 to 8. It follows two dogs, Mac and Dipper, as

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Cover of the book 'Hero of the Mountain' showing a little fox named Bubu standing proudly with a mountain in the background and the title text above him.

Hero Of The Mountain

Hero of the Mountain is an engaging tale for children aged 6 to 8. It follows Bubu, a little fox, as he helps his friends during

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The image depicts a train with a happy face, going on the tracks and releasing some smoke. You can hear the choo choo.

The Happy Train

The Happy Train is a fantastic early reader book for children aged 5 to 7. It tells the story of a happy train overcoming fear with

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Three children under a conical hat, making reference to how useful this kind of hat is.

The Conical Hat

The Conical Hat is a fun story about a hat that can protect you from the sun, rain, and wind. Learn how this cool hat is

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"Cover of the book 'Croak – the Tale of a Frog', featuring a playful scene where a frog surprises a classroom, bringing humor and fun to the students and teacher."


“Croak – the Tale of a Frog” is about a funny frog who surprises everyone by jumping into a school classroom. The frog plays tricks on

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"Cover of the children's book 'A Trip to the Tap,' showing a colorful illustration of a young girl, Oluhle, with a bucket, ready to collect water. The artwork is vibrant and inviting, designed to appeal to young readers."

A Trip To The Tap

“A Trip to the Tap” is a sweet story about a young girl named Oluhle who goes on daily adventures to fetch water with her bucket.

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