English Level: Beginner

How to get dressed

I Can Dress Myself

What do you do when Mom isn’t there to help you get dressed? A great story that teaches kids to be independent and how to get

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adjectives and opposites

Sana and Suri

Sani and Suri are best friends. One day Sani cannot find Suri. Where is Suri? A great book to help children learn adjectives and opposites.

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examples of positive behavior

Always Be Good

A book about life skills and examples of positive behavior. Teach your child good manners with this fun book! They will love the animals!

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polar bears

Polar Bears in the Arctic

Peg and Datiz take photographs of a Polar Bear in the Arctic. Learn what polar bears do everyday. A wonderful English story book for kids that

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Glasses for kids

Chiu’s Power

Chiu has an amazing ability to see things that other people can’t see. A story about a child their superpower. Getting glasses for kids is difficult.

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