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The image depicts a train with a happy face, going on the tracks and releasing some smoke. You can hear the choo choo.

The Happy Train

The Happy Train is a fantastic early reader book for children aged 5 to 7. It tells the story of a happy train overcoming fear with

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A picture of a cat chasing a rat


“Rat Cat – Early Reader” is an engaging early reader book that tells the simple story of a cat chasing a rat. Perfect for children aged

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"Cover of the book 'Croak – the Tale of a Frog', featuring a playful scene where a frog surprises a classroom, bringing humor and fun to the students and teacher."


“Croak – the Tale of a Frog” is about a funny frog who surprises everyone by jumping into a school classroom. The frog plays tricks on

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The for who wanted to fly

The fox who wanted to fly

  Join Fox and her kits in a charming bedtime story where a dream to fly leads to an unexpected journey. As Fox’s tale unfolds, curiosity

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