The rat sat on the cat

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Once upon a time, there was a mischievous rat who loved to play pranks on the other animals in the forest. One day, he spotted a sleeping cat and decided to have some fun. He climbed onto the cat’s back and began to dance around, singing a silly tune.

The cat woke up with a start, surprised to find a rat sitting on top of him. But before he could react, the rat scurried away and disappeared into the underbrush.

The cat was furious and vowed to catch the rat and teach him a lesson. But try as he might, he could never seem to catch the quick-footed rodent. Eventually, the cat gave up and learned to live with the fact that there was a mischievous rat who loved to sit on his back and sing silly songs.

And so, the rat sat on the cat, and they became an unlikely pair of friends who entertained the other animals in the forest with their antics.

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